Freckles on the face: how to quickly get rid and prevent the occurrence. Folk and cosmetics for freckles

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MaskFreckles on her face bothered even our great-grandmothers: in those days was considered a standard of female beauty milky white skin, and even a peasant young woman, going to work in a fields all day, covered their faces so so to avoid direct sunlight on the face, although you did not know about UV and melanin.Today's attractive gerls and girls are not happy with a fact that every spring the facial skin is covered with little spots, round or oval, brownness or pale yellow. Freckles are a lot of, specifically those who do not, seem to be pretty and magnetically, but they want to have rid of them, almost every owner.Alike posts:Cover Facial winterCover Skin care dailyCover Masks for fase winter. . . . . Read more -->

Masks for the therapy of facial skin irritations

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MaskWhen irritated facial skin and dilated vessels well to mask a hunter. Good chopped herbs Hypericum (0.5 tbsp.) mix with water (1 tablespoon), so add corn and olive butter (1 soup spoon, too), and oil solutions of vitamins A and E - can be of capsules. All a ingredients are good mix and applied the mix on the face for 15-20 minutes, sluice off with cold-blooded aqua. This mask helps even under severe irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing the face.A cover of irritation with the egg yolk and cow butter: with? yolk mix up TWO tsp. Any fruit juice (like medium grapefruit), throw in the same quantity of fat cottage cheese and 1 tsp. Vegetable oil. Read more -->

Moisturizing Facial Mask

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MaskMoisturizing skin care masks are vital for very dry, dehydrated, sensitive and flaky facial skin, how it instantly hydrate a skin and restore organic moisture balance and skin so well however soften and restore facial skin elasticity and suppleness. Hydrating cover made from natural products (dairy, strawberries, vegetables, etc.) and are a perfect addition to creams. They saturate the face with vitamins and other nutrients. Their application is good for all facial skin types. But they are essence for mature, aging skin that requires a unique ingredients that may erase a traces of time: reduce skin wrinkles, restore and renew a face, to charge her extra energy. Hydrating mask from a producer recommended 3-4 times a week, home hydrating mask - any day.Similar articles:Cover Facials and masks in a coldness seasonCover Skin care acneCover Facial skin care tips beautician. Read more -->

Care of irritated face

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CoverA simple decision - use exceptional creams to relieve irritation, soothing and moisturizing a skin.Polish a irritated face need definitely, but only gently, using a gentle foam or jelly. You can not apply tonics containing alcohol.Barrier fluid should be applied to the facial skin for an hour before going outside. If you put it later, specifically in a winter, then a action will intensify a coldness, the facial skin may get red, inflamed - that again irritation. The face need deal with annoyances and speedily restore their function - and we need her help.Medication of facial skin irritation: folk remediesNot the last put in skin upkeep pick up home a face cover, done by people's recipes - both ancient and more modern.Resembling posts:Mask Daily facial skin attention homeCover Facials and masks to 25 yearsMask Skin care after 25 years. . . Read more -->

Proper upkeep of a eyelashes

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CoverIt is possible to apply castor, olive, almond butter or burdock. It is required to use a small capacity of cosmetic mascara brushing and comb them. Nourishing oils lashes are much good, you accelerate your evolution and revitalizes thin hair. Almond oil stimulates the evolution of eyelashes. Rose butter slows down the aging process and relieves irritation of a eyelid face. Castor butter and burdock promote a growth of eyelashes, improving a structure and preventing hair loss.Perform this simple proceedings is recommended at least once every day. Read more -->

Freckles on the face: as to quickly get rid and prevent their occurrence. Folk and cosmetics for freckles

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CoverFreckles on her facial skin bothered even our great-grandmothers: in those days was considered the standard of female nice milky white facial skin, and even a peasant woman, going to work in the fields all time, covered the faces however so to avoid direct sunlight on the skin, although they did not know some UV and melanin.Now's attractive women and girls are not happy with a fact that each source a facial skin is covered with small spots, round or oval, dark-brown or pale yellow. Freckles are a lot of, specifically those who do not, seem to be pretty and attractive, but they must to get rid of them, almost each owner.Similar posts:Mask Masks for skin in 30 yearsMask Masks at home in winterCover Facials and masks folk methods. . . . . Read more -->

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