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Making of skin masks: recipes

MaskA easiest method to prepare a mask for the face - crushed fresh berries or strawberries, and immediately put on the skin. If crushed raw vegetables or fresh fruits are juicy enough, can be added to the slurry, milk. If the slurry, on the contrary, too thin, it is added mealy. It is as well convenient to put whole pieces of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If the consistency of the cover is the nectar, so it is used however follows: a a small piece of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in extract, a some squeeze and put on the face and neck. Instead of gauze can be used a thin layer of cotton wool.

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Covers for the therapy of face irritations

CoverWhen irritated face and dilated vessels good to cover a hunter. Comfortably chopped herbs Hypericum (0.5 tbsp.) mix with aqua (1 soup spoon), then add to oatmeal and olive butter (1 spoon, too), and butter solutions of vitamin A and E - may be of capsules. All the ingredients are well mixed and applied the mixing on a face for 15-20 minutes, wash off with cold-blooded water. This cover helps even under severe irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing the face.A cover of irritation with the chicken egg and cow butter: with? yolk blend 2 tsp. The fruits nectar (such as medium grapefruit), add a like capacity of fat cottage cheese and 1 teaspoonful oil. All ingredients are well mixed and used on the skin for 20 min.

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MaskAnti-inflammatory masks and skin care masks specially designed for any and problem skin. Masks of this group is not only thoroughly purified and narrow pores, but as well keep an antibacterial capacity, regulate the performance of sebaceous glands.Similar posts:Mask Facial in 40 yearsMask Skin care to 25Cover Masks and skin care winter. . . . .

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Anti-masks and face care

CoverAnti-inflammatory masks for skin covers specially designed for dry and problem facial skin. Covers of this group is not alone nicely purified and narrow pores, but as well possess an antibacterial effect, regulate the performance of sebaceous glands.Alike posts:Mask Masks and face care and body during gestationCover Express masks for skinCover Face care '23. . . . .

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Proper upkeep of the eyelashes

CoverYou can use castor, olive, almond butter or burdock. It is required to apply a small volume of cosmetic mascara brushing and comb them. Nourishing oils lashes are much valuable, they accelerate a evolution and revitalizes thin hair. Almond butter stimulates the evolution of eyelashes. Rose oil slows down the aging process and relieves irritation of the eyelid skin. Castor oil and burdock promote the development of eyelashes, improving the structure and preventing hair loss.Perform this simple process is recommended at least once daily.

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Anti-facials and masks

CoverAnti-inflammatory facial masks specially designed for combination and problem skin. Covers of this group is not alone thoroughly purified and narrow pores, but also enjoy an antibacterial effect, regulate a performance of sebaceous glands.Resembling posts:Mask Skin maintenance to avoid acneMask Facial acneMask Face leaving during gestation. . . . .

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