Making of skin masks: recipes

MaskA easiest method to prepare a mask for the face - crushed fresh berries or strawberries, and immediately put on the skin. If crushed raw vegetables or fresh fruits are juicy enough, can be added to the slurry, milk. If the slurry, on the contrary, too thin, it is added mealy. It is as well convenient to put whole pieces of orange, medium tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If the consistency of the cover is the nectar, so it is used however follows: a a small piece of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in extract, a some squeeze and put on the face and neck. Instead of gauze can be used a thin layer of cotton wool. You can just grease a skin of fruits and berries juice, leaving it on the face for 15-20 minutes. And you can mix up a juice with rice, almond bran, wheat floury.In a winter it is recommended to add a skin mask olive oil or glycerin. A cover of slurry is applied to a skin with a thick layer (a increased suction property of the facial skin). These masks for skin covers contain lots of vitamin and are used primarily to improve the nutrition of a skin.How, if the facial skin is irritated, calm her cool cover with cucumber, if a "tired" for the work week how you are and become flabby - cheer up burning a cover with a products of bees (propolis). If a cold-blooded on your facial skin began to appear long-standing darkness spots, make a weekly paraffin wax - it will strengthen a superficial circulation and deep defects gradually "dissolve". The duration of this process -15-20 min. But if the face is dilated blood vessels, paraffin may not be used.Homemade masks for fase masks (masks homemade). Covers for variant skin typesMasks with sour cream for a faceFacial skin covers with olive oilRefreshing face coverExfoliating skin careWhitening facials and masks covers at homeMasks for all skin types. Home recipes for face masksMasks for any facial skin. Recipes household coversCovers for very dry face. Home recipes for skin masksMasks for ordinary face. Recipes household coversGuide to the masks. Kinds and types of face masksFacial skin masks out of clay. Healing Clay Facial skinWinter face care - skin care winterCosmetic face mask mechanical actionFacial skin covers of natural honey: natural honey coverCovers for combination face: homemade recipesAnti-aging creams and masks for faceFace masks for acne and blackheadsMask alignment complexionCovers for facial skin wrinklesCleansing masks and skin care maskCover for aging skinMasks and face scrubs cornSimilar articles:Cover Facial folk methodsCover Facials fall and winterCover Facials homemade recipes.

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