Castor butter for eyelashes and eyebrows: the use and treatment of

CoverCastor butter is used for both indoor and outdoor applications. One of its most common applications - care about eyelashes and eyebrows.Eyelashes and eyebrows are a natural barrier that protects the skin eyes with foreign particles, dust, however good how protection against water and sun. Along with this you are also an integral part of the beautiful female image and require an appropriate attitude. Eyebrows are suffering with constant plucking eyelashes from twisting, and those of other touch-up. All this affects them in the most good technique. To eyebrows and eyelashes keep always been healthy, thick and silky they are is needs of revitalizing treatments. To one of them, and include a apply of castor oil. It is believed that the elementary rubbing castor butter into the roots of the eyebrows and eyelashes on a path of development, at least four times a 7 days stimulates a development, and also nourishes and strengthens.Apply castor oil on the eyebrow correct in combination with a light massotherapy, carried out with a gentle brushing. Dip the brushing into the butter and brushing the eyebrows at 1st against a thin hair progress, then vice versa. A proceedings need be repeated twice per day.Use castor butter on the eyelashes need take special maintenance not to stretch the thin eyelid skin and do not get into skin eyes. For a like cause, be careful not to overdo it with the volume of butter.Resembling articles:Cover Facial after 50 yearsMask Facials and masks winterCover Face of the cleaning.

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